What kind of features do we support?

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Planned/Possible features for next versions...

To get an idea what additional features you would need in the toolbar, we track feature request in bugzilla. If you need an additional feature, please first have a look at all open feature requests. Add yourself as CC to a bug to receive updates about it. If you didn't find a "bug" describing the feature you need, then please enter a new bug. You need to set the severity field to "enhancement". We mark on what we might or will not do, so don't be disapointed if your idea does not get added into a future version. Programing is still limited to what it can do.

Items Highlighted to Be Added/Fixed

But to make sure you do not submit pressing needs twice, here as some major features & fixes that are confirmed that will be done before v0.8.0 Release:

New Features Confirmed: