Frequently asked questions

Can I use the extension for other MediaWiki based sites than Wikipedia?

Yes, the extension (version 0.8.* or higher) works with all websites that use the MediaWiki software. You can test that with the MozillaZine knowledge base, which is also a MediaWiki installation. Just browse to the web page with your wanted wiki. Then open the right mouse menu somewhere on the background of the page and select Wikipedia->Add user defined wiki. A dialog opens containing the name and the base URL of the Wiki. You may change the name to anything you want, while the URL should be correct. However, if this "Wiki" does not have a "software file" with Wikipedia Toolbar, the style buttons will be disabled. Click here to request that your Wiki type get a software formating page. To add, delete, or manage your user defined wikis, open the preferences dialog of the Wikipedia Toolbar extension. (?/D)

I often create pages of type X and would like to have a personal template for that.

You can do so. Navigate to the Wikipedia Toolbar preferences dialog and goto the User Template section. You can then add as many user templates as you wanted which will afterwards be available in the Wikipedia->User Templates menu and at the Templates toolbar button.

The toolbar takes to much space if I'm not on a wiki page.

You can configure the toolbar to only be visible on wiki pages and to automatically hide when you browse other pages. Navigate to the toolbar options and use the page called "Edit/Show". A new feature in version 0.8.0 is the ability to switch to smaler icons.

How can I translate the extension into my language?

Head over to the translation page. There you find all information.